It appears I have an obession with making pictures with the insperation from Archangels for some reason :3

 A good view of what my character Samantha the Vampiric Archangel would look like in reality.

The red faded lines represents blood calmly flowing, which means that Samantha has her vampiric blood lust under her full control and has no signs of loosing that control. The Wings extending outside of the Woman/Samantha’s back flowing with blue light with black and red outline is ment to represent the power and nature of her personallity. Full of kindness and a protector of peace, yet mixed with will of battle and pride. The white forest background is to represent where Samantha truely feels happy, among nature in whatever season but mostly in winter where pure snow falls. The faded red clock on Samantha’s waist is supposed to mean that she is possibly with child and that it will be born in a short amount of time, and the fact that Samantha is at the place where she feels happy the most shows that she wishes to share that with her child.


This is called “Heart of Child” inspired bythe “Kingdom Hearts” series.

This whole picture is ment to represent the child falling into a unwakable sleep in her sanctuary due to having her true self in her heart taken away from her and is unable to return.